Monday, April 28

April Sailing #1

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Went sailing on the Chesapeake last weekend from Friday through Sunday. My friend Steve Cornibert chartered a 36 foot something or other yacht. He hired Jeremy, a master seaman, to teach him to master a boat of this size. So this was a training voyage for Steve, work for Jeremy, and for me... manly leisure.

Saturday was sunny and almost hot. Here I am on one of my few appearances above decks. Hmmmmm.... Actually Saturday I spent a lot of time up there mostly picture taking. Tried my hand at the wheel, and dropping anchor. Did my best to avoid pulling sheets and mucking with the sails. Mucking of course is a nautical term, along with luff, jib, and head. Speaking of heads... here are a couple of mine that I took myself with my wide angle lens. Behind me in the first is Jeremy and Steve in the second.


Stacey Huston said...

looks like a wonderfully relaxing weekend.. Didn't see any "fiction" in these photos. Thanks for sharing you wonderful weekend.

John Roberts said...

You look like a natural out there on the high seas, Ted. A real "ol' salt"!

pnfphotography said...

sounds like you had a very good time and the weather worked with you for the most part - you look good in RED!

Sorry to read about the mac-nightmare they usually rock !! :(