Thursday, April 10

Collage Panorama

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Last Saturday I posted the first in this very short series. Frank Fico has a gallery on West Queen Street in downtown Lancaster in the art district. It's principally a hair salon that's been designed to showcase fine art. Last Friday night, my friend Ron Etteman's one-man show opened there. That's Ron lurking behind the palm on the right. You can see the steady stream of visitors gave him a lot of support . That's a good thing, eh? It's interesting how shops all around Gallery Row are re-hab-ing to create more gallery space as Lancaster's fine art market explodes. With an exquisite regional symphony, an excellent professional theatre company and now dozens of galleries displaying original art, the city's entered a renaissance. This could be an outstanding summer.

BTW: Sorry, this panorama was created from three pictures so I cannot easily show you the originals.I can tell you though that it was an interesting exercise in color balancing since Ron's picture used flash fill as did the sculpture on the left.

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Stacey Olson said...

I have just recently done my first panorama stitch photo. I was amazed at how easy it actually was. Great shot.. as for your, so true, comment on my blog (about the two legged predators you deal with).. I will just stick to my kind of predators. At least they have honor and integrity..(wink) Thanks Stacey