Saturday, January 12

What Izzit?

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Here's a parking lot across the street from the entrance to Pompei. And here's a car that's not as old as the ruins - but, is it new? We were moving along with no time to stop and examine this thing. Now I wish I'd at least looked at its name. It looks like a fun four door. But it also looks as if it could get pretty crowded in there, eh?

Anyone know what this thing is? Or for that matter, how to track it down on the search engines? It looks to be totally illegal in the United States, land of the MONSTER CAR! Many of you know that I drive a VW Beetle. The Beetles I saw in Italy looked like large cars next to things like the one I've posted here. And this wasn't the smallest. There are cars there which have motorcycle licenses and are banned from driving on the turnpikes because, I suppose, they are so tiny?

This one is a honey. I'd trade in my VW for something like this. Only I have no idea what this thing is. Help anyone?


Martin said...

This car is a Citroen 2CV.

I had two of them in my student times, really great cars, running from Sahara to Antarica.

2 cylinder air cooled boxer motor. 3 gears.
With backwind you could go with 110km/h!

There are some features, you will never find in car.
For example you can roll back the roof till the back window - great summer driving.

With one handgrip you could move out the seats and sleep in the car etc.pp.

John Roberts said...

We Americans will eventually have to get over our big car fetish. If the manufacturers would give us cool looking small cars like this one, maybe we'd buy more of them.

Your treatment of this image helps preserve its "mystery".

Ted Byrne said...

(Martin) Luvvit! A 2 cylinder motor? Yipes. Get three people in it and you could probably walk faster up a steep hill? Wonder what's become of these? I understand they are from the 1980s? Are they legal in the US? Available? They look as if they'd get astonishing mileage.

(John) As one of the best Americana photographers working, I wonder if you've ever caught odd foreign autos like this mixed with some of America's icons? That'd be an interesting juxtaposition.

Martin said...

Some informations about the "Duck":

But there are a lot more of websites to be found with informations and technical datas.