Monday, January 14

Almost A Portrait

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There were two important photographers who quarreled from almost half a century apart. Alfred Stieglitz said the job of the photographic artist was to patiently wait for the moment of equilibrium. But Robert Frank said, no, wait for the moment of revealing disequilibrium. Huh?

So what is the decisive moment, eh? The people doing artistic takes on reality today seem to insist that reality is hidden and it's their job to make images that reveal it. Okay... okay... I can kind of follow that. But what about the equilibrium stuff?

Yesterday I posted my feelings about a memory that was encapsulated within a reflection of some trees along the Arno River in Florence, Italy. Here are those same trees today, or at least their reflections taken a moment or two later. But this time I decided to try to capture an oncoming reality that's still hidden off to the left... Here's a brilliant Florence October morning at that instant between disequilibrium and equilibrium (or at least I think it is).

Now, what do you think?


pnfphotography said...

This is wonderful the shadow the trees and the colors...a lot is going on in this image. I must pop down to the trees below as well. I like this image as it makes me really slow down and gaze and take a look and take it all in....very nice!!!

mcmurma said...

Wow. It's not that your images don't often move me, because they do. (if they didn't I would never even make an attempt at poetry, especially free verse, because it's a lot of work... gratifying work, but work).

That said, this image is sublime. Why exactly do I like it so? I'm sorry, but I cannot directly say. My responses to imagery are often like that. There is a color, or mix of colors, a certain cant of the subject, something... that makes me smile.

Sometimes I feel it's best not to dwell on it too much and simply acknowledge that it is. This is one of those times.