Tuesday, January 29


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Bogan peered at the fading image from the box and again tasted the stink of cigarette smoke and spilt beer. He recalled that Yosarian in his white shirt and apron muttered something in a spitting language and jerked from the camera with a movement so quick it was no movement at all. Yet that woman didn’t seem any more bothered by the lens than a stone by a creek.

“Yeah,” Bogan muttered recalling that while she wasn’t beautiful, not even pretty, that she looked as if things would happen anywhere she was. And where she was that night twenty years back was Pulaski’s Saloon. He remembered she shook his hand. “Clammy hands,” he frowned and recalled thinking “clammy hands and people who own them make me edgy.”

And while he scanned it for fresh clues, seeing the picture again brought Bogan back there to that spot instants before Pulaski’s got leveled by the bomb.


I have just discovered something disconcerting. Last week my MacBook Pro crashed for the second time in ninety days. Apple placed yet another hard drive into it (even though I offered to pay the difference between the second hand value of this 1 year old machine and the present model) and in all of the time it took to get it reconfigured (or once again configured) I prepared the image above on that machine. OOOOPS. I only just discovered how terribly out of calibration the reconditioned MacBook is.

The image I now see is nowhere near what I intended. I guess I should take it down. I lack the time or energy to begin it again from scratch (since minor tinkering won't fix it) and I apologize to everyone for posting it in this shape. In the past I frequently composed images on that machine which has a 17" monitor capable of high quality graphics. I have just recalibrated it and can understand how far this... and the image I posted of Grand Central Station last night are from my standards. AAAARGH!

Pity.... Lemme think upon removing it. If it disappears, you will know why... OK?

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