Tuesday, January 1

Door Girl

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The bar's door
Opens to the street
Where she sits
All day



Critics have written to me that the pole in that image above distracts them. Hmmmm.... I envisioned this composition from the moment I exposed the frame as a square. But the square format is so impersonally angular that it seemed to me the pole broke the plane into two softer areas that then balanced themselves in terms of dynamic weight. Yet, what I want to communicate here is best described in the words I've placed next to the picture above. So how about I try it without the pole? Does this re-worked image better communicate my questioning idea to you?


Chad Oneil Myers said...

Yeah, probably better that the leaning pole is gone.

Happy New Year, Ted!

Paul Maxim said...

Keep the pole, Ted. First, it adds visual balance. Second, it appears to me to be a support of some kind (it's attached to the wall), so like the girl, it also begs a question (what the heck is it supporting?). Third, it seems as mysterious as the girl herself. The stoic look on her face, by the way, is priceless.

I very much like this image, Ted. Good work.

pnfphotography said...

I actually like the pole in it...but thats just me. We both know I like things as they were LOL...

I like her expression as well as how the softness of the image feels to me.

mcmurma said...

I'll have to vote for no pole, but I'm not sure if its due to the additional work done to the image "besides" the removal of the pole, or the removing of the pole itself. (The door area is softer and less visually engaging, and leads into the girl quite nicely.

Definitely like it better without the pole.

Ted Byrne said...

Thank you all, and I shall hedge my bets by keeping both images here on this post. BTW... according to my web tracking service this is one of the most visited postings in the history of this blog. Whoa.... Do you think there is a bias toward pretty ladies? Now of course that wouldn't, for a moment, interest me in taking more images of knockout beauties.

No... not at all. But, um, if you happen to be a knockout beauty, own something skimpy that you have an intellectual interest wearing for an immortal Byrne image... Um... well perhaps I could help out... My email address is off to the right there... Heh heh heh...

pnfphotography said...


GQ said...

I agree with you that the post helps to balance the image and I also feel it adds depth by having a near object contrast against the far object.