Tuesday, January 15


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"So?" her friend wonders.
"Hmmm,: she murmurs. "Hmmmm..."

Buying software is difficult. You've got to match the tool to the job. And of course everyone's hunting for the killer application. Most importantly it's got to be powerful, easy to get into and manipulate. Flexibility's crucial... but overall you want it to be user friendly and totally interactive. I wonder, are boys still more into software than girls? Well, perhaps in this case "into" is the wrong word? Maybe boys still like to play with software more than girls. You know how they like games.

The thing is that the fastest software still has the least code. It's efficiency seems to erupt from its simplicity and ease of access. I wonder just what job these two have in mind? is this application fast enough for these Roman chicks window shopping at the train station shop? And will it cover their essential... um... needs?

Men frequently miss the point that Passionata Lingerie is a tool store. Right?

Now for a rant... Imagine if those two up there in that image were men! Yeah, two guys standing in exactly the same positions, trading studious comments, as they studied that poster. If they were guys, women would have a name for them, right? It'd be, "PERVERTS!"

Hmmmm... is that fair? Just? Heh - heh - heh..... In fact as I watched this scene the guys looked at the window but with sly sideward glances, while the gals were totally involved. But.. but... isn't the entire object of this particular piece of, um, software supposed to be focused like a rifle shot at men? Yet if we look... I mean really LOOK! ... LOOKOUT, Buster... You... You... PERVERT!

Life's a puzzlement, eh?


Anonymous said...

Ted, I just had to leave a comment! Many, many thanks for bringing up this double standard subject. And many, many more thanks for your cleverness and the associations you've made with the two types of "software" - I'm still chuckling and will do so each time I think about this image and your comments! :-)

Flo (from RV)

Paul Maxim said...

Just a quick comment, Ted. First, I think the word "pervert" is misplaced here. If two guys were staring in the same way at this poster, I might describe them as "lustful", but definitely not perverted. That would take a different kind of image.

Second, the adjective applied to those 2 hypothetical guys would depend on where they were. Back "home" in uptight upstate New York, you might be right. Here in Las Vegas - where attitudes are a bit more honest - no one would give the 2 guys a second look. There would be no adjective required.

See? Life's not so complicated at all.

pnfphotography said...

Smiles - always fun to see how your mind works!! I must agree with you and think many men look at images with a side glance because their mates get upset at them for looking!! I happen to feel looking is a good thing... for both. I really love how you make us all think with each image you post.