Thursday, January 10

Something Unusual

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So many of you on different forums and in email have commented upon yesterday's image that I decided to do something unusual for me. i'm posting a raw, un-enhanced, right-outta-my-camera, photograph.... YIPES!

This is a slightly different angle of yesterday's image. I was somewhat wrong in my description yesterday. Apparently the water still flowed from left to right down to the pond. But the twin trenches seemed to fill a small lake around this structure. See how the kids could have sat on stones on either side. And see how four, not twin sets of steps led down to the water. I imagine children may have waded into the water around the pool as well.

Remember they had no pumps so this was fresh clean spring water. I do wonder what that projection is atop the structure. It appears to be metal. But someone told me that no metal objects survived the thousands of years that Pompeii was buried. Perhaps it was added in modern times (the uncovering of this city began in the 1700s).

You can also see the liberties I take with my images here. The lighting in this shot was identical to yesterday's. This is a tad like the magician showing how the lady was sawed in two. Oh well, what do you think?


Anonymous said...

Your skills and your vision are really impressive. Thanks for posting the before and after and terrific work!

pnfphotography said...

you really amaze me with your skills for seeing things the ordinary person would not.... I am really blown away!!! very nice indeed the post work is something I just would not have had the vision to see.... excellent TED

Bill Birtch said...

"This is a tad like the magician showing how the lady was sawed in two."
Not really. You've given us a glimpse of the lady before and after but we have no idea what went on inside the box, only that you've worked your magic to make us gasp in wonderment and leaving us wondering "How'd he do that?"

Amazing transformation Ted. Thanks.