Wednesday, January 23


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An acne
On the face of
Ancient wisdom
Pop-media erupts

Ruinous rumor
Toss-away trends
Contentious conjecture

Speckling truth with
Goo fatted bumps of


pnfphotography said...

We do not have this kind of thing here and I see it in movies and such. Amazing to think one could make a living selling like this. Delightful and different in my eye.

mcmurma said...

You know, I thought my half-baked piece of free verse was a decent addition to your Pompeii fountain image, but this rocks!

Great image and an even better bit of prose to match.

Ted Byrne said...

(pnf) In fact, these sort of news boxes seem to be left only in America's largest cities, and in fact beyond Chicago and New York, I'm not certain they exist in most other places. Anyone know? This one was in the middle of old Florence.

(Michael) Thanks Michael, I'm particularly proud of, "Speckling truth with goo fatted bumps of gripe." Heh heh heh..