Saturday, January 5


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You’ve seen this Piazza Della Retunda before here last November 19th.
There’s a reason I aimed high for this image, which was the same reason I aimed low back then. Last time I wanted to capture the people who crammed the square around me as this sun set. This time it was the Pantheon which somehow spoke of its two millennia of almost continuous use.

Optimistic solidity… That’s what I felt from the ancient temple. Look at that architectural bridge. This design has one leg here among the classical buildings going up in every important world city… and the other among the Caesars. Even the type font along the arch seems formally and elegantly modern.

I wanted to get all of that into this moment between a Roman day and night – a moment which the Pantheon has shared about 730,000 times!

Put that into perspective: the average business computer lives about 1,100 days while each of us get about 27,000 sunsets. After seven hundred and thirty thousand sunsets, what’s astonishing isn’t that this place is so old, but that it still feels so hopeful.

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advman said...

Funny. I thought I'd commented on that. Something about Jupiter and the Archangel Michael fighting behind the clouds? And clouds that may or may not have been here or in Cape Cod? Or did I comment, but on the Radiant Vista? It's confusing :)

Anyway, this is not about hope for me. It's about something powerful that happens above and, yes, there may really be some hope found in the fact that this did go on for 1800 years and the Pantheon still stands, but primal power, that's what dominates. And that's quite an achievement, considering your foreground :)