Saturday, January 26

Infra Green Photography

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You've all heard of infra-red pictures, right? Okay... so howzabout infra-blue, infra-yelllow, or infra-green?

I wanted to make light pour like syrup. So I took my tiny Morris Minor out to the Southern End of Lancaster county where the light does that.

You want to learn a big word? I just did, it's synesthesia. To some folks it's a harmless but perplexing psychological disorder. They can hear color, or taste feeling, or see music or... well you get the idea. Artists use synesthesia as a technique. And turning light into syrup is an example, um I think.

I bought this Morris from a tobacco dealer in that part of Lancaster County where the Amish still grow a lot of tobacco. It's a very small car. About as small as my 1934 Ford Coupe that I showed you last Thursday night. But I didn't turn on the synesthesia then. If I strip it away the scene looked a lot less romantic. More like this...

I like infra-green. You? Lemme know, K? And by the way, anybody know what year this car was built?


By popular request... Okay... here's my Morris at home...

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pnfphotography said...

This is wonderful creative and you always think outside the lines and colors.... what a fun project. Let me have my husband take a look at this tomorrow and he may know what year.