Thursday, January 3

Help Is Near!

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Romans they say
Are twice as
Likely as Yanks
To use cellphones...
Oddly perhaps, I've
Discovered how.


John Roberts said...

Oh, the "Purists" will rail at this one! But you make a good point that speaks to we Americans' cell phone addiction too. By the way, how did our culture exist before cell phones???

I came across a quote by Robert Frost that I thought you might appreciate in light of your on-going jousts with the "Purists":

"My job is not to teach, but to awaken."

Your images are indeed doing that, Ted. Keep doing what you do. You're disturbing the slumber of more people than you probably realize. And that's a good thing.

pnfphotography said...

lol...I am seeing doubles... I love the quote above.... yesss yesss

and I use a cell phone too even though I did not think I would but then again I use a digital camera and photo shop now and I did not think I would...times do change...LOL

are the PURIST after you????? they should be they might learn something new!!!


Ted Byrne said...

(John & PNF): Ahhh... the organic photogs have lost the debate. In a sense it's an unhappy loss since they sincerely sense beauty in the application of classical tools. It's not the remaining charm that can be squeezed from their largely overworked field that gets me riled, but their obsession with defining anything done with post 1980 technology as somehow not photography.

I simply deny their claim that only they can license the word, or define the work of other photographers. Their love of a swiftly obsolescent crafting has turned them bitter toward anyone who does not share their obsession.

The Organic Photographers (OPs) are simply not the keepers of the definition. In fact, I wonder when what they do will be so out of the mainstream of photography that some will dismiss their work as unworthy of a claim to the name? Can anyone see that happening?


Ted Byrne said...

BTW John... that Frost quote is awesome!