Monday, January 15

Un-Natural Palette

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It should have been a lot colder the morning I took this picture. By late October Cape Cod Bay is usually whipped around by winds off the North Atlantic and the color largely gone from the beach grasses. So this is an image of two seasons overlaid in ways that they don't usually. It's almost a summer morning picture, yet it looks too brisk for that. And it's almost a winter picture, yet the foliage just doesn't fit. So I tried to tease as much out of this strangely mixed palette as possible. I think this has a calm-before-the-storm quality. But the storm is something larger, perhaps this year, or next - regardless - nature will adjust.


Bill Birtch said...

This, to me, is one of your signature pieces, the kind of reworking which first caught my attention on the RV site and made me a fan of your work. I have no idea what you do to achieve this otherworldly effect but I love it. Keep 'em comin'

advman said...

Hmm ... I've never tried to achieve effects like your's, so I can't tell exactly how much effort it takes, but I am quite sure it is so much, that it is nothing short of amazing that you produce one of them a day :)