Tuesday, January 30

Fantasy V. Beauty

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Walking along Macy's windows, each an evocative piece of art, each setting off some sort of fashion statement. And when you add them together, well something nagged at me. You know when you enter a familiar room, and something's out of place, but you can't quite?? Um... You know how you cannot really overcome a sensation that things seem off kilter? And then on that chilly and breezy afternoon I saw her, and FWOOP! The fantasy fashion became as inconsequential as PR hacks proclaiming Angela Jolie, the new Mother Theresa.


Bill said...

I'm really enjoyig these NYC images Ted. This one, though, keeps pulling me back, partly, I suppose, because it's so different but more importantly I love the way the subject's position and orientation are mirrored by the poster. The fact that you managed this with a candid shot, I assume that's the case, makes it remarkable. You've really captured the moment. Thanks for sharing.

Ted Byrne said...

It's pleasing to have someone notice womething about which I am so proud. Of course I wish I could take credit for it, but still... I'm proud of the way that the living woman's face and body are in a tightly choreographed dance with the dummies and the picture of Raquel. It REEEEEELY works... and while this sound's like boasting... it was of course a candid shot. But I pushed the button... Yippeeee!
Otherwise, I did visualize the juxtaposition of reality with fantasy... and it seems to make the point well.
Thanks for the reaction Bill.


mcmurma said...

This image defies description for me... except to say that you nailed it.

Your subtle manipulations seem to have cleared away the duff, leaving this absolutley iconic image.