Tuesday, January 2


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Just outside of Lancaster... I mean JUST outside... on every side - there's this sort of thing. I could walk my dog to this kind of place in say, twenty minutes, maybe fewer. Well, of course my wife and I took the Beetle, but that's beside the point, I coulda walked. And Rocco came with us. And it was 4:25 in the afternoon and everywhere there were images. In fact, they are so commonplace that they seem insignificant. It's so easy to overlook beauty when beauty is the norm. If we could see air, we'd be blind.
Just over the hill behind this farm is a freeway. Behind that is the biggest mall in the county. That's the thing about here: everything lives together. My home is in the epicenter of the city, smack in the historical district. And here's this farm, one of hundreds and hundreds that sparkle all around. There are places in the world that are grim, Lancaster is not one of them.
If I failed to wish it... I hope your new New Year makes you feel as furtunate as I do.

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Anonymous said...

Everywhere is beauty, yes. It does not lurk, we don't have to find it in-between. It comes right into our face. In fact, once we've overcome the culturally entrenched prejudices about what can be beautiful and what not, once we have un-learned what were told, and have re-learned that we may look everywhere, see everything, once we are over that, reality begins to become workable. That's where art can begin.