Saturday, January 27

Puppy Rocco

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The little guy was three months old when we met him. He lived in a box at a farm, inside of a barn, with other puppies. I think he saw the outdoors and sun the day we brought him home. Which was the day before I took this picture. It was hidden in an old file. The camera was a primitive digital with maybe three magapixels. And there wasn't much light in the bedroom. But somehow all of that works to create a storm of grit and wonder. Notice the only color is in the lens glare there on the lower left. I like that. Rocco's become a good friend. And he's adjusted pretty well to city living outside of his barn cardboard box.


Thomas said...

Ok, off to a cliché: "He's soo cute!" ;-)

Really, I like the pose and the look in his eyes. Postprocessing is as usual great and unique. However, the bright lower left corner is distracting, isn't it?


Ted Byrne said...

Hmmm... it is a taste thing, Thomas. I like the burst of light and the way the spherical aberations actually twirl right up to Rocco's face. It seems so authentic to me.. Gritty. I see your point as well. In a perfect world, I'd have taken two. But given the light slashing across my lens... I was gifted with this, noire sort of thing. Thanks for the comments though. I like direction.