Sunday, January 28

New York State Of Mind

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Dye your hair, you become a blonde. Someone knocks off your hat and you wonder, "Why did he hit me?" Collide your bike and you say, "I ran into a pole!" But these are all things... hair coloring, wigs, implanted boobs, bikes, dentures, hats, suits, heels... wuddever. Still, wear them and you extend yourself, right? Okay... okay... heavy stuff.
My point is that the line between who we feel we are and our immediate environment blurs. Get into a tank,or a big SUV... and we feel stronger, bigger, muscular, lethal!
So the question for the day, boys and girls, is... If you live in NYC, if you are a New Yorker (as opposed to a blonde), are these pictures in any sense - WHO you are? And isn't that different from say the folks who live in E. Dennis on Cape Cod Bay? Or in Lancaster? Waco? Or... well you get the point. So, like, what's the answer? Do these streets make these people different? How?Hmmmm....

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advman said...

Interesting question. Do you believe so?

I certainly do. Well, I am no New Yorker, I am only from a medium sized city in Europe, but I know what being exposed to a city as opposed to living in the country means, perspective-wise. Otoh I know how much you miss, living in a city.

I am in the very fortunate position to have it both ways. I work in the city and spend my weekends in the most lovely countryside. Both leave their marks on me, both influence my thoughts, and of course they foster very different aspects of my creativity. So, I probably would not say, where I am is what I am, but what I am depends to a certain degree on where I am. Or so.

But please don't mistake that for patriotism. I don't believe in patriotism. I was born where I was born, out of sheer luck. I have contributed nothing to it. I know my places better than others, but that makes them not superior, only easier to find my way around.

I like your comics, but that is not particularly new. Good work.