Saturday, January 13

Leaf It Alone

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I guess someone will eventually remove all of these leaves? Or maybe they will be part of the aesthetic charm come next summer? The kids left everything where they last played with them, and left their summer place. And then the leaf blizzard coated everything before the coming snow blizzards, eh? The circle of life?


Anonymous said...

Brilliant composition, brilliant crop. After having seen so many of Craig Tanner's critiques, I should not be so reluctant about cropping, but I am. Always good to see that petty reluctances are not one of your faults. Not that anybody would have suspected :)

Did you arrange this? The ball maybe?

Ted Byrne said...

Absolutely evertything was as found ... BUT... not in the same place. The tree which divides this photo neatly in two, also divides two photos which I merged since they were saying approximately the same thing, but I feel they say it with considerably more power together like this. So, cropping has happened as a result of the marriage of two vertical images which I sensed as I took the original photographs - belonged together.