Wednesday, January 10

Function, Or Just Form?

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That fence, why is it? I mean a fence has a function right? And if it doesn't have a function, well what is it? Let me try that again. Is a fence which doesn't fence anything - a fence? And if it isn't that, well, 'the hell is it?
The thing's so alone there. So I wanted to emphasize both its loneliness and its fence-less-ness. Things always seem lonelier to me at night. So here, with moonlight bathing the scene is this lonely thing, splat in the center of a vast universe, that I guess I have to call a fence. Even though it doesn't do that.
They say that form follows function. Here's an exception to that rule, huh? Unless its function is to be just a form. Hey! I know people like that.


Anonymous said...

This one certainly reminds me of Rene Magritte's works. It is all mystery. Surreal, brooding, foreboding.

Ted Byrne said...

That's the feeling I got from this strange piece of fence out there in the center of a field. Imagine it in the middle of a winter's night. Brrrrrr....