Thursday, January 11

Got Him, See!

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Out of the corner of my eye I saw him. But I'd snap my head around and he'd pop back to normal. The guy was goofing on me. So what I did was casually drape my camera down at my side and turn away, snapping the shutter when he thought I wasn't looking. You know what I'm saying here?
And I caught him, all puffed up, playing his game. I guess I fixed him, eh?


Anonymous said...

Ted, that's outrageously funny :) And well executed also.

Ted Byrne said...

Funny? What's funny? I tell you that things outside the frame are smirking at me. In fact... Right now as I write this ... the coffee cup on my desk is... is.... WILL YOU STOP THAT! There, it's calmed down. But there's a plant behind me who I suspect is doing a mocking little dance. :>

advman said...

I have probably never said that this is one of my very favorite images, have I?

It sure IS!!!