Saturday, January 6


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Drove over to the lovely Lancaster County borough of Strasburg this afternoon. On this first saturday of January, the temperature was 70 degrees, the clouds were puffy, and the sky a dark blue. What could be more photogenic than this historic farm village, eh? Well, a lot of things. I can't seem to make it work. I took a couple hundred clicks, brought them back, and well, Poowie!
Where did my eye go today? And why was the lighting so crappy? Since the sun lurked behind clouds, it wasn't the ghastly mid day contrast. But either I'm having a down moment in my post processing imagination, or I came back with a weird package of inoperable lighting. For example... Lookit my cows here. Why is this so... so... BANAL! AAARGH. I'm going to go read. Maybe I'll find some gems in this mess tomorrow.

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