Tuesday, January 16


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Brant Point juts out into Nantucket Harbor. Odd, it's almost impossible to render a lighthouse image that doesn't seem heroic. Why is that? After all it's just a building. Do we bring our own psychic baggage to making or viewing their images? Thoughts?


advman said...

Heroic ... What a strange thing this is, the American soul :)

Maybe the "heroic" has lost its appeal quite a bit for a people having suffered under the nazi regime. So, no, it does not look heroic to me, besides, it is a little pudgy, isn't it?

But I can hear seagulls and the waves battering the rocks. It is only minutes before the sun vanishes behind the clouds and the rain begins. Change is in the air.

This is an image to fall in and dream of. Fantastic as always. But this time doubly so :)

Ted Byrne said...

Actually it is a matter of knowing the craft part of what we do. I started taking pictures in the mid 1950s in high school, and never stopped. When digital came along II looked at it as an adventure. Today, each of my images involves something I've never tried before. Every image is a learning experience. But, each thing I try, I generally know is possible (yes there are mistakes that get trashed).
I put aside 90 minutes per image. Frequently an image will take a lot less. In that case I'll start another... and it may eat into the next ninety minutes so it gets more time.
Generally the image speaks to me when I snap it, and continues to speak through post processing. I try to enhance what I originally saw, or imagined.
I must have a strong image as a foundation. To that degree, everything I do is photography.
One last thing. When I take pictures, I take A LOT of pictures. Film/card space is cheap... location shooting isn't. Ninety percent of the pictures i take are redundant.