Monday, June 1

Re- Scootered

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Maybe you'll recall this by clicking here. Last September I posted that earlier conclusion on the version above. But as you know, I'm growing obsessed by the possibilities in AlienSkin's Snap art. But.. but... but... I do mean possibilities. See, while its interesting to see what happens when I try the presets that they give me.... I'm a lot more interested in what the image says than what the engineers at AlienSkin say.

It's a problem that photographer's have. Some of us believe that photographic purity means determinedly filling the frame that Leica engineers dreamt up... that purity in image making means that truthfulness to a final image means never going a pixel beyond what lenses and cameras offer up to the sensor.

And as you know.. that's an attitude that drives me NUTTY!

So I wondered how this new technology could let me dig out even more from an image that I reeeeeely liked. And since ScooterGuy is among my favorite graphic accomplishments... well... I fired up the SnapArt, and the Bokeh and I dug!

Now whether this is better than the original is one interesting question. But a discovery was how much more robust these tools are in working out alternatives. But.. but... the most interesting thing is how much fun the process is. Wheeeee!


Ángel Corrochano said...

Like the processings that I am used to seeing in your blog, he is full of force and life. Brilliant


Ted said...

Mil gracias Ángel.¿Cada uno tenemos nuestra propia manera de comunicar, eh?