Wednesday, June 17

Frank Byrne

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Frank Byrne's my neighbor. Frank and his wife travel the world.

See Frank travel?

Are we related? Hmmmm.... probably.

Technical stuff? Well I took Frank's picture with my G10 in Musser Park last week. Took the image of St. Peter's at the Vatican last time I was in Italy (love writing that). I used my old Canon D20 with the Canon EFS 17-85mm (f4-5.6). And I abstracted all of those feelings using Bokeh and Snap Art. You know this'd probably be stunning blown up large over a fireplace inside of one of those great gilded and filagreed frames, huh?


Gelfoto said...

True plastic works. I like those extensive and heavy brush-strokes, like desenfocando the image


Ted said...

Y yo mucho tiene gusto por el palabra "desenfocando" , Ángel. El inglés no tiene una palabra que sea ésa perfecta.

Es muy cool! :-)

Ted said...

Oh... y... mil gracias.