Sunday, June 21

The City Rocks - Hot

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Heat’s come back to the East Coast. The city’s are searing but they keep coming atcha’. Throb and temperature wind together like hair in a braid. Summer cities aren’t a support system for life… it’s the other way around.

Cities get like chewy stuff inside of a Tootsie Pop… A gooey pay-off when the coating cracks under the scurrying thrump-bump atop the super seared shell.

Watch it shimmy in the back-beat of a zillion earbuds plugged through the sweat
Pre processing in Manhattan on 42nd street through my 40d's EF-S 10-22mm (f3.5-4.5). And post? Howzabout some Bokeh, swirlled around in Topaz after a lot of careful mixing in CS-4.
I stood there years ago… High August… Air thick like a stagnant puddle… A nearby boom box LOUD…
Billy Idol … Hot In The City
Throbbing… EVERY – THING!!!!
Like that up there…

What happened to Billy Idol?


Andreas said...

Absolutely spectacular!!!

I still ask myself if I should really use SnapArt, try to find a way that does not collide with what you do, wonder what will happen when 1000 photographers on the Internet begin to use it, and for me that concern is valid.

For you not. You are lightyears ahead :)

Ángel Corrochano said...

It is like an illustration, distortion and color forms harmonically, an impressive image.


Ted said...

(Andreas) This is not SnapArt! Nope, not a touch of it. Oh, I used a different Alien Skin application... Bokeh... to create some of the bustle at the base and to disguise some of the seams. But nope, no SnapARt... Besides ... Snap art allows for very little compositional enhancement, the heavy lifting is still a function of CS4 and particularly the Warp control. It is a very robust device.

SnapArt is not a one-button that ignites a result that I imagine. Still seeking that Holy Grail.

(Angel) No sé la palabra española para el “wobble”… pero eso es lo que quise transportar…. Cómo el calor puede hacer el mundo... giro excéntrico - "wobble".

Agradezca por los cumplidos.