Tuesday, September 23


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Voice lessons... I take them every day. Like a lot of you who are photographers, I sort of frame things around me. It's a dorky habit, but useful when you want to see stuff through a range finder. Problem is, you look through the range finder long enough and you feel like your looking through it even when you're not.

After a while though you stop looking at what you are looking at. Say what? I mean you start looking at things as if they are about something different. It's like someone learning a new language. Sooner or later the breakthrough comes and your dreams are now in that tongue. That voice. And it's what happens to most artists. They see things and wonder about them. In frames. First you wonder what they are saying, and then you wonder what you might say with them. Not what they say... but what they might say.

You find your voice. But like a singer, each day you exercise. I find that the city does that. All the time it gives me voice lessons... Like Scooter here.

See his expression? That wonderful look of comfort and confidence. No fear. No worry. All boy-to-man in a brightening light, still colored with the vapors and innocence of kid-world. What a moment, eh? No... not necessarily this specific moment, no... that last moment ... or first moment... between then and now. And here's how I see it... in my voice.


BTW... want to see the virgin image from my FlashCard? Well here. Enjoy.


Barry Armer said...

Another amazing transformation Mr. Byrne!

It's post-processing like this that lately has me asking "WWTD" (What Would Ted Do?) about my own photos. :-)


Ted said...

Wow! THANKS BARRY.... um, Wow! I'm off to find your website.

Ted said...

http://barrysphotoblog.blogspot.com/ <- that's Barry's Blog. Another enhancement artist. Lovvit. Thanks for visiting Barry, hope the gang enjoys your stuff as much as I do.


Marti said...

Hi Ted --

I love the way you've developed your voice -- and continue to do so. Your work continues to inspire me to see "more" in an image than first appears. And you do that masterfully! I do love this image of Scooter and how you saw all of that in the original image -- your voice.

Keep on singing, Mr. Byrne. We are all enjoying the music!


Stacey Huston said...

Ted, another wonderful image, and I agree with Barry. I just recently got Photoshop elements 6 and have been loving, the learning process.. just enhanced a group of photos for a friend and can't wait to hear what he thinks.. Thanks for the link to Barry's site, I can't wait to check it out.
Have a wonderful weekend..

Barry Armer said...

Thank you for the link Ted! I'll try and live up to the honor!

Highest regards,