Monday, June 29

First Viewer

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There are two people involved in the making of every fine art photographic image... The person who takes the picture, and the person who creates the image. Once, maybe, they could have been the same person. Maybe when all final photographs were little more than contact prints, then the person who did the pre-production, and squeezed the shutter was almost the one who made the image. But even then there were a range of chemical decisions to make during the bathing of film and paper.

Ever heard the expression... you can't put your hand into the same river twice? That's my point here. In this new world of post processing, you are in a different emotional space when you view the image that you... as a photographer... took some time before. Hence two different minds come at the challenge... every fine art image is a collaboration between you then, and you now. Oh, and maybe the third you - who is the first viewer of the final image?

I wonder though... I just wrote that every final image is a collaboration... but, I'm sure you know that sometimes it is also a conflict... I am right there as well?


Andreas said...

Absolutely. You know, sometimes when weather is really bad or I have no time (or prefer to sleep on the balcony), I use an image from another day.

You just induced an interesting idea: why not take a past Image of the Day, return and process it differently? I'll think about it :)

Ángel Corrochano said...

Good picture and with a brilliant processing… caught the expression of the personage well.


Barry Armer said...

"you can't put your hand into the same river twice"

I actually haven't heard that before! It's wonderful! I like the sentiment a lot! Maybe that's why most of the junk I created a year ago is not as good as the junk I created a month ago and no where near the high quality of the art I'm working on now?