Saturday, June 20


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"They said I was talking in them too much! They wanted documents, subjects, techniques, not expressive photographs." - André Kertéz on why the legendary photographer stopped working for Life Magazine in the 1950s.

The expressionists are less concerned with reflecting the real world than in revealing our emotional reactions to it. Hmmmm... I wrote "our" there. That's interesting.

This is my second visit to this surreal feeling. It keeps flashing back.


Pre Processing in Manhattan (the Figure) and in Lancaster County (The Armstrong farm). Canon40D, through my Canon EFS 17-85mm (f4-5.6) – Post Processing: PhotoShop and enhanced in small parts here and there with thingees like Lucis, and AlienSkin filters. Which, I hope, makes the thing talk a lot?


Ángel Corrochano said...

Precious. that sky is wonderful. Congratulations


J. L. T. said...

What a talking head;-) I love the white cloud on the right, it seems to fly out of his head! really ex-press-ive-ivy. Have a nice week!

paulgrand said...

Great 3D painterly effect!