Wednesday, June 10

After The Times Square

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I'm re-studying expressionism. It demands complex, well planned images with parts that are worked by the artist to the point of distortion in order to communicate the feelings of the moment.

Here's Broadway, an explosion at night. Blasting color over every part of you... Throbbing with shocking energy. Noisy, fast, a cacophony of sheen. Too much to compute.. Too big to focus. Too massive to step back far enough. Neck hurting high and needling its way into the black curtain up there.... Puncturing it.

Broadway's a vertical thing at Times Square after the Times stupidly left the party.


Anonymous said...

Ted, your way of describing situations and feelings (physical as well as emotional) has me in stitches! "Neck hurting high and needling..." Yeah, man, I hear ya loud and clear - ouch!

But is this Expressionism as expressed by the French greats? Not on your life! This is Ted Byrne-ism as expressed by one Ted Byrne, whom you may have heard of as he makes himself known around these parts today.

Hey, if you ever meet him, please say "Hi!" for me, OK?

Flo from TME

Nacho Carreras said...

Interesante experimento.

Ted said...

(Flo) Right, this ain't the French... in fact my apologies to them. This is an Irish/American guy's take on their takes :-)

(Nacho) Lo que yo qué quiero es un experimento cómodo mi amigo... Aquí está un intento. Alegre usted tuvo gusto de él.