Saturday, May 30

Whoa! EarthMonster!!!

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WOW! Some weeks are reeeeely unforgettable. A couple of days ago I told you about AlienSkin's featuring my work. BUT.. BUT... BUT... This is infinitely HUGE.... . I have just learned that the increasingly influential EarthMonster Illustrated has named ME the featured artist for June! Click here if you don't believe me. YIPES!!!! Look at the artists they have discovered on that elegant monthly E-Zine and they've added ME!


(Slap!) Um, thanks, I needed that.

Okay, I've stopped panting an I'm calming down and I'm chanting my mantra and my heart's slowing nicely...

If you are not a regular visitor to EarthMonster Illustrated, you're missing something cool. Some of you noticed it first when I recently added it to the bar on the right under: PHOTOGRAPHIC COMMUNITIES/FORUMS. Well for those who didn't, I hope that you'll drop on by and thank Mark for his labor-of-love in assembling such a wonderful site for us, AND for hunting out all of the featured thoughts and people on that column on the right of his site. And of course I hope that you'll scroll down his page and enjoy the artists he's featured before me in previous editions of EarthMonster Illustrated.

Did I say...



Debra Trean said...

Congrats congrats congrats sooooo exciting and I am thrilled for you super duper huge hugs of joy. I can see u beaming from my itouch iPod

Andreas said...

Meh! Only second :)

Congratulations! And well deserved!!

Stephen said...

I'd give you a big bear hug and a, and a, well, I'd shake your hand and say well done Ted.
You deserve it..

Bill Birtch said...

Yup, totally cool. Congratulations Ted. You are the man.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Ted! You're coming along just fine and dandy these days. It's such a nice feeling to be recognized for having gained skill in an area.

Flo (from TME)

Brian Bastinelli said...

Wow Ted, You're getting to be quite a big deal around here!!! Congratulations, this and Alien Skins is quite an honor!

It's super cool to see people recognized for their fantastic work.

And just think we knew you when...

Good job, keep it up!