Thursday, June 4

Al Lewis

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Before he retired Al and I were partners in a still super-secret project. He's a legendary criminal attorney and was, once-upon-a-time a District Attorney and then Chaired the Pennsylvania Crime Commission responsible for the labor/mob convictions of the middle of the last century. He was the minority counsel chairman for the joint Congressional Committee investigating the Kennedy assassination. He's also a good friend. Which, of all of that stuff, is the most important to me.


Again i took the picture in natural light with my Canon G10. 1600 ISO makes some noise. BUT... once again, after asymmetrically cropping for the square I'd composed for... I knew that I was going to process the image first with Bokeh to control the enormous depth of field of the G10. Then I reworked the lighting to create the right setting for the Edward Hopper palette. And lastly I pulled in an impasto tool from Snap Art intensely reworking the dynamic range in Photoshop.

It is all about mood.


Debra Trean said...

Nice work as always....

Flo (tonebytone) said...

Ted, I think this is one of your very best creations. have you shown this to Al? I'm sure he'd love it.

You know, you could have a new career - as a painterly photographic portrait artist!

Flo from TME

John Roberts said...

My eyes are drawn to his hands. I can just imagine him using his hands in an expressive way to make a point while in court. As usual, Ted, your portraits tell a story.

Barry Armer said...

Great work Ted!

I've been away from your blog for most of a couple of months and I really enjoyed getting caught up on everything today! You have a few new tools in your kit since I was here last and you are really making the most of them! Your portriat work with the new tools is nothing short of amazing!

Well done!

mcmurma said...

This works wonderfully.It's a form of impressionism you seem to be practicing and this image sings.