Tuesday, May 19

Poster #8

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Okay... so I lied.

Really intended to end this series a few days ago, but then I started to run into people around Lancaster and they wondered about it. And they've asked if there were more pictures. And well, I'm really really really easy is what. It'd be cool to find a place to show this series. So if you'll put up with it... I've a few more that are nagging me to come onto your monitors.... Okay?


Would it help if I shared the process a tad more than usual? Okay, Again I took this virgin image through my mighty Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM Lens on the D40.

And I've created a template for this series which involves a square smart object so the framing's automatic.I composed the image in the square frame. Then using various adjustment layers I arranged the lighting. and dynamic range to a heightened contrast. I followed that with the AlienSkin Bokeh filter to get rid of the annoying left foreground details. I also brushd in some green color into that area that I sampled from the upper background. Then puling up Topaz Labs Adjustment 3, I rearranged the areas of emphasis both with respect to saturation and detail. Again the arrangements were designed toward the top of the options. See, I've discovered that that sort of preparation's best to get the AlienSkin SnapArt options to cut well.

Then it was a matter of flattening the image, reducing it to 72dpi and 800 pixels on an edge then saving it as a jpg.


Ángel Corrochano said...

I like the touch of the brush-stroke. Skillful the colors


Stephen said...

Another fine piece of work Ted.
Now don't go giving all the secrets away..