Friday, May 1

The Look II

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Once the event was called "The Patriot's Day Parade." Designed by conservatives to balance liberal opponents to the Viet Nam war in the 70s: the event's still going but its name has changed. Now it's called "The American Spirit Parade." There are few soldiers, no rolling weapons, but there are rolling fire engines and sparkling ambulances. Some Civll and Revolutionary war recreationists ride on floats, and a beauty queen blows kisses along the way. There are still lots of flags, a marching band or two (including a Mummer's contingent from nearby Philadelphia) and even the Porta-Potty business drives a truck filled with its standing coffin-like devices. What're they parading for now? Or against? It's nowhere clear.

And there are crowds. Families still line the sidewalks atop their portable lawn furniture. It's the people that tug at my lenses... street moments. Like this... look.


This images pushes at the edge for me. You'll recall Idiscovered that Alien Skin's marvelous Bokeh filter (pronounced bouquet) has done as much to ignite my imagination as LensBabies seem to have done for my friends. So I went back to AlienSkin and downloaded a trial version of their SnapArt filter for PhotoShop. I needed to pull out of this image... well, what I've pulled out of this image you can see up there. And it occurred to me that SnapArt had ways to bring it farther. I needed the image to be about that look. (BTW I see this as a mate to The Look 1) . This was a feeling based almost entirely upon a single eye. But without the swirl of a sense of place, it lost its power.

SnapArt's allowed me to make it explode. Can you feel it?


Bill Birtch said...

Very powerful portrait. The tension makes me very uneasy but I can't tear myself away from it. Wow.

Ted said...

Thanks Bill. These guys might be brothers. They were communicating that way... know what I mean? At least they were close enough that a lot of their interaction was through body language and expression. I really wanted to capture it. Glad that you feel I have. BTW... another new toy here... Used Bokeh AND AlienSkin's free demo of SnapArt....

The folks from AlienSkin gave me a birthday present... they let me have a comp version of Bokeh!!! Is that not wunnerful? And now that I'm playing with SnapArt... I think I know where I'm going to spend my birthday money, eh? We shall see as the free thirty day demo runs out and I play heavily with both of these toys....