Wednesday, May 13

County Road

<- Cick here
Sun-stained road
slicing through
farm flat

Going to or
Coming from

It depends, huh?


The craftsman says, "look, here is what you like."
The artist answers, "Look, here is what I like."

The commercial artist says both of those things.

The academic artist says neither of them.


Picture by the Canon G-10. Image with AlienSkin Bokeh, Lucis Aperture, AlienSkin SnapArt.... but mostly with... Ted.


Stephen said...

Your not sitting still Ted, the creative mind is always at work, sleep or not.

Ángel Corrochano said...

Your processings enchant to me. pictorial 100%.


a passion 'n frames said...

beautiful indeed... love the road leading me into the image...great color too.

Ted said...

Hmmm... I'm beginning to notice that recently photographs have been little more than an entry point for me... that I seem to be taking reference snaps, then burbling off into a whirl of tumbling feelings.

Hmmmmm.... It's as if I'm working a Ouija board... Gotta think on this... but I gotta thank each of you first for your supportive comments. :-)