Thursday, May 28

AlienSkin Feature!

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This is pretty cool. Jeff Butterworth the CEO of AlienSkin likes the stuff here on ImageFiction. So he asked if it'd be okay to mention it in his company's May 09 Newsletter Blast and here on the AlienSkin blog! And he reeeely liked our friend Steven Issell's work and even used his fighter plane as their cover image.

You know that I'm becoming convinced that pixels exist to be enhanced, right? So click here to see the AlienSkin page I've posted above along with a passel of enhancements!


Stephen said...

What a surprise it was Ted, I nearly fell off my chair when the email came through.

Just popped in to keep an eye on the light giver and see what he is up to.


Ted said...

It was nice of the gang at AlienSkin to recognize us Stephen. I reeeeeely like their products. I'm off to the Chesapeake for the afternoon.... I find that I'm making photographs with an anticipation of how they'll be turned into ideas and feelings with the aid of the AS tools.

Stephen said...

Yes Ted, I'm finding the same.
'I wonder if that will work with the AS tools!'

The less cluttered the background the better the finished product.
I suppose that is where the other tools like Bokeh come in handy and which you use to great effect.

I'm getting asked a lot for landscapes, but to date not happy with what I am doing so the search for different ways, methods continues.