Monday, May 25

Sidewalk Girl

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Alrighty.... Let's think about a little city girl, sitting on the sidewalk, watching stuff happen all around her as the evening comes on. Well, why think about her... instead, here... Think on her. K?



You're right. I rarely EVER remove major pieces of color information from my images. Well, okay, but this isn't a monotone. FAR from it. But I sensed a nostagic eeling when I saw here sitting there outside of her house, her dad sitting behind on the door stoop. She felt like a long ago memory, and I wanted to show you that memory even more than I wanted to show you the Sidewalk Girl


And then there's Snowball..


Mike H said...

A different twist on an entry point, this is a great start on showing your memory but it leaves me wanting more... Oh! that's the point....

Ángel Corrochano said...

An excellent and hard processing. An impressive image.


Ted said...

Y'gottit Mike. Thanks.Y hola Ángel. Es gracioso de usted visitar mi sitio. Aprecio sus cumplidos. Mil gracias.

Debra Trean said...

Yes it is rare for you to remove the color but the image called for it...very touching !!

The bird dancing is fun we have a goffin cockatoo too her name is Gabby and her music is take me out to the ballgame. Toooo cute...huh

Stephen said...

Another fine example of your skills Ted.

J. L. T. said...

Memory feelings arrived from the first look on the thumbnail! Reminds me on my beloved fairy-tale "das mädchen mit den schwefelhölzern/the little match-seller", you know?
And how cool is this luminous bottle?
Storytelling at all! Sunny greetings

Ted said...

(Deb) Hmmmm.... Just noticed you have revealed your full name... Wheeee! As always, you support is wonderful
(Stephen) I see we are co-stars at AlienSkin) - ke-el buddy. And YOUR image has become the flying high headliner. Congrats! Thanks for the compliments.
(J.L.T.) Well you know how much I like your stuff and your sense that this could be an interesting fairy tale is wonderful. Thanks.