Friday, October 13

Till When?

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Somewhere out by Blueball this thing sat. It was probably put together back in the Forties... That's the 1940's for you kids. A couple of mules pulled it then, still do. There are those who sigh when they hear that. Wonder about how romantic it must be to live in the time when the Amish turned off the technological clock.
I'm not one of them. I don't respect the Amish for giving up on the only thing that makes us dramatically different from folks in 1869, 1269, 69 or 2069 BC. It is the distillation of our technological knowledge through science that's done more to improve the human condition than any number of theologians, philosphers,sociologist, or historians. The bards of the Arts & Humanities may sing ballads of beauty, but I can't think of a poem which has reduced infant mortality, overcome hunger, allowed us to escape tenements, or permitted more people to appreciate a sunset at age 69.
There are a lot of things in modern society worth rejecting - but technology doesn't burble to the top of any list I'd compose.

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