Thursday, October 26


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This blog-site system ( was down last night. Couldn't post yesterday's pith. Pity, no pith, eh? But now the has returned, waiting in my window for me like a loyal chauffer who took a day off. "Any pith today?" he wonders. "Forget annoyances, what perks you up?"

So I htought about it and well, Pizzicato always makes me happy. It sparkles atop daily life's mixed medium tones, you know? It's like when, on the periphery, a glimmery froth tickles your mind and you can't help smiling. Your baby's giggling, a window twinkles out rainbow rays, a dog's rolling on the carpet, your friend's laughing, the air smells like baking bread... And magic trickles over you. Here, look at my image from a fuzzy sheep meadow in E. Dennis. Pizzicato's like that... it's the shimmery part of life.

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