Sunday, October 8

Bogged Up

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This was the perfect day. On October 1, they flooded this indented field of cranberry plants by damming up the water flowing through the bog. On October 2, a device shook and raked at the sunken plants so that the berries would bob atop the pond. And a couple of hours after I visited on October 3, they skimmed together, then vacumed the fruit into a tank truck.

These wet-harvested berries are processed into pastes and canned jellies. Only berries whisked dry from their plants can be sold whole. Here's an image which exists for only a precious few hours, then is sucked away. Just like life.

Data: Tuesday, 10/03/06, 8:28 am:Canon EOS 20D, Meter Mode Auto,Exposure Program: Normal, ISO 200, Lens Canon EFS 17-85, Focal Length 80 mm, Exposure Bias:-0.67, 1/400 at f/11, RAW

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