Thursday, October 26


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We're going to the Poconos this weekend. Leaving tomorrow so, no postings until maybe Sunday night. These are part of the Appalachian Mountain range which runs down the east coast of North America. They're particularly ancient mountains without volcanic activity, and their highest peaks are up in New England. The Poconos are the name of the range as it passes generally through northeastern Pennsylvania. The color should be just past its peak, but we should get interesting images.
So... it seems as good a time as any to set the sun on my early October visit to E. Dennis, Massachusetts on Cape Cod. I like the light over this marsh. The sky was angry, but the storm never hit us. See the red flowers? They're somehow harbingers of Christmas, don't you think? By now, I suppose the frosts have killed them off up there in the north country. And snows are only weeks away from the Poconos. We'll get there just before Fall's window closes. Cool.

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Thomas said...

No, it seems as if you're definately not a monochrome guy ;-) But I really enjoy the picture, the massive foreground keeps the eye for some time, after which it can easily take a stroll along the river. Great! And perfectly framed from the top by the cloudy sky...