Wednesday, October 11

Our Rulers Need Rulers

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Government keeps us in line with lines. Painted on the ground - They order us to stay within... Keep together... They order us to be orderly. But look really closely at their work - Get down there and peer at how government operates... How it governs us. The cracks show!
The orderings are scratchy... Disorganized... Squiggly. Government's directions are hard to ignore... But the way they pull it off. Well, "elegance" is not the word that springs to mind. The moral? When it comes to government, don't look too closely. We get what we settle for.
DATA: Sunday, 10/01/06, 12:38 pm:Canon EOS 20D, Meter Mode Auto,Exposure Program: Normal, ISO 200, Lens Canon EFS 10-22mm, Focal Length 22 mm, Exposure Bias:-.33, 1/250 at f/13, RAW

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