Tuesday, October 17


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It happens that we can lose faith in so many things as a source of betterment in our lives. Sometimes we regard even revered institutions as pesky ideas that exist, at least in part, to disguise essential truths. And news is seen as the opposite of objectivity, there to create enough tension to attract an audience or distract thought.

When, as someone wrote, prominent professors of literature regard polysyllabic gobbledygook as the best way to write, and law or medicine momentarily seem a scramble for profit with doctors and lawyers becoming speculative business people for whom neither justice nor curing have special value... It's time to recharge. To sit on a dock, aside a marsh and count the glacial stones. Ignoring for the moment those storm clouds but instead focusing upon the meaning of the distant, golden glow. Every form of human discomfort it seems is susceptible to the magical powers of burbling water. It is the ancestor of insight, recovery, superstition, optimism, and therapy.

DATA: Sunday, 10/01/06,1:02 PM: Canon EOS 20D, Meter Mode Auto, Exposure Program: Normal, ISO 200, Lens Canon EFS 10-22mm, Focal Length 11 mm, Exposure Bias:-.33, 1/125 at f/7.1, RAW

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