Tuesday, October 24


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Souls, Plato believed, were exposed to the perfect forms for everything in heaven - before they were born. There was a perfect form for beauty, for redness, for eloquence, for everything. So instead of spending our lives in the pursuit of discovering perfection, we live to remember it. And as I built this image, I felt myself with a tantalizing memory first of Nantucket-ness, then of sailing-ness, but finally, even more primal... I look at it as a tantalizing glimpse of my perfect memory of sea-ness. What do you think? Does it pique your Platonic memories even a whit?

DATA: Wednesday, 10/01/06,1:21 PM: Canon EOS 20D, Meter Mode Auto, Exposure Program: Normal, ISO 200, Lens Canon EFS 10-22mm, Focal Length 22 mm, Exposure Bias:-.33, 1/100 at f/8, RAW

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