Saturday, October 7


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Just got home from a week in E. Dennis, Massachusetts. That's on the bay side of Cape Cod. The days defined "pellucid". There was a quality of light last week which happens when a tired summer gets gently squeezed by fall's first hug. It's the sort of light which creates accessible shadows. Those are the sort whose darkness is just open enough to invite curiousity. See how that happens in the shoreline here in the marsh? It's as if you've stumbled upon a gaggle of poets, each reciting, and far from its being a din, you can make sense of both the parts and the whole. Post a comment. How does this let you feel?
DATA: Thursday, 10/05/06, 2:36 pm:Canon EOS 20D, Meter Mode Auto,Exposure Program: Normal, ISO 200, Lens Canon EFS 17-85, Focal Length 38 mm, Exposure Bias:-0.67, 1/200 at f/10, RAW

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