Wednesday, September 12

Wheels #3

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My theme week rolls on with this purple car that's packaged up feelings of what? Dusty country roads? Glamorous urban night clubs? An important arrival?

Whoever drove this somewhere must have felt like... like... Mr. BIG. When streets were filled with these things... well just imagine looking down from a skyscraper as the sooty twilight sun flashed off their backs and the city looked like an animated golden necklace glimmering in precious gems. So big, piloting them must have felt like driving your living room from the sofa. This guy sits now, just on the other side of the line dividing art from truth... No, not a line so much as a veil of nostalgia that lets us peer into a place where sharp lines no longer live.

But the technical question still hovers over this image. Taken when the sun blared worst... does this salvage a memorable idea or feeling from the din of searing light?

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