Tuesday, September 11

Wheels #2 - Tuesday

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Wheels theme week continues.... Another image made where the air is blared by squint-tight sun. The challenge goes on: How to make lemonade from the lemon light of mid day in summer on the streets of Lancaster's epicenter? Yesterday I grabbed the searing red interior of a '57 Caddy. Tonight, just what you crave on a desert-like day... WATER! Here's the coolant cap from some wonderful piece of motorized sculptor built I imagine in the mid 1930s. No details, it's as if I present a picture of a trunk and it's up to you to imagine the entire elephant that's behind the thing. Here's a water cap... so go ahead, imagine the rest.

There are stories to these old cars and some of them I bet are pretty sexy. It was the first time when boys and girls of the masses could go off alone in portable rooms for a night of passionate fun.And the results? Seventy five year old kiddies walking these very Lancaster streets all a-squint against a sun that adds dazzle to memories of their parents' frolickings in seventy five year old trucks.


Chad Oneil Myers said...

Love it.

Those are romantic machines for sure.

Check out one of my first posts on my photoblog. I wrote about a car show that I go to a lot...


Debra Trean said...

I actually like all your wheel images but this one kept my eye just so busy. What a great image !