Monday, September 3

Image Magic? Not!

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Last Saturday I played with something that an early twentieth century anthropologist named James Frazier called "Sympathetic Magic." Fun, but Frazier invented another sort of magic which is reallycool to think about. Called Image Magic, he said it was based upon the idea that, "like produces like. Or that an effect resembles its cause." Images of anything are explained by their makers.

Now since we play with images - I figured hey... let me see if I can prove Frazier - REEEEEEELY WRONG! Let me see if I can find some thing which seems nothing like its creator. So this morning I loaded up my bike, and rode down to N. Water Street where there are all sorts of things that are left over from the past couple of hundred years. And there, on the corner of Water and W. Marian St. VIOLA! I mean look at this thing. It's a classical beautiful facade neatly restored in elegant sedate splendor by - our Hole In The Wall Puppet Theater!

Now of course the HITWPT is tasteful and its presentations are elegant good fun. But would you have expected this creation to be caused by the HITWPT? Okay, many of you come here from around the world. "Ted," you chortle, "I have no idea what the Hole In The Wall Puppet Theater does. “

Right... right... Still, from their name, what do you think that they do? Eh? Roll bologna? Of course not. And they are in the business of creating magic with every presentation. But yet... yet.... Haven't I done it? Haven't I found a clear contradiction to Image Magic in this magical image of colors, shapes, textures and forms? Huh? Huh?


Debra Trean said...

always insightful and wandering questions you create. I love the name of the place...and I would suspect they have puppet theaters. I think you town seems delightful.

Carteach said...

A Victorian door front for a Victorian pastime....

While I seriously dislike the city, or any city for that matter, I do truly enjoy the history laden eye candy at every turn.

Thanks for showing that... we'll have to go take a look now!

Ted said...

(pnf) Lancaster is a charming city. It is large enough to offer a lot, small enough to understand. And near enough to Philly, Baltimore, NYC, and DC to travel from spontaneously. We have a lot of advantages here, not the least of which is the Lancaster County which surrounds us. It is alledged to be the most fertile non irrigated growing soil in America. So we routinely understand a diverse mix of farm and urban, rural and city cultures which pop against one another daily. It's a great place to own a bike.

(Art) The Hole In The Wall Puppet Theater is such a whimsical contradiction to the formality of its facade... its character is part of the city's pulse beat.