Saturday, September 22

Last Path Of Summer

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Summer ends sometime during the day tomorrow. Rocco and I watched the 2007 summer sun set for the last time this evening. It's probable that the Lancaster Stockyards will finally be demolished this Fall and Winter. So tonight's may be the last summer sun set ever on this back pathway of what was once the largest stockyard east of Chicago.

I'm guessing that a photographer aiming from this spot will soon see acres of asphalt surrounding another shopping mall,or maybe a gordo Wal-Mart. And this scene, once so busy and now caught up in soon-to-be-overcome litigation will fade into memory... like the last sunset of summer.

GEEK STUFF: Canon EOS 20D, 09/22/07:6:06 pm: Lens 10-22mm, Focal Length: 10mm, Exp 1/200@f/8, ISO 400, Metering Mode: pattern, Expoure bias -1, Camera RAW

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pnfphotography said...

Very beautiful and peaceful end of summer image. I am glad summer is over here for sure this year. Been a hot one and am digging fall already and the cooler weather.