Wednesday, September 26

2007 Award Winner: Rocco's Adventurel

Note: Accepted as one of theworld's finest Nature Images of 2007 for Canon POTN Book to be published in the Fall of 2008.

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My little buddy saw Fall down the pathway and scampered his furry body to meet it.

You ever think that we've lost the color, sound, and odor of the past? Start drilling down into history and pretty soon you're left only with the art collections of the rich. They're what pass along whatever lined the tunnels you dug. They were the windows that let you look through any level. The deeper you dig, the fewer windows remain. What did the average guy, walking home on the first evenings of Fall smell? Hear? What colors bathed the walkways and what colors did those rays mix together in the facades on either side?

If you walked down a decaying pathway behind a furry friend on a night like tonight in say 1007, in oh... Belfast, or Florence... Well, you have no way of knowing what was there. Will pictures like this survive so that in 3007 someone will have a window to peer into as he digs through my layer of his history? What will he make of our time as he watches Rocco prance into Fall?


Carteach said...

The pictures of those ancient times exist in poetry and story, not in images.

Dickens and Chaucer can answer your question for you.

Still.... I think we have it pretty good in many ways. Images may just be another form of poetry, after all.

Debra Trean said...

cute to see him headed for fall !

Andreas said...

Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. This could be the begin of a great adventure, but as well it may be the end of it.


Ted said...

(Car) Nice thoughts well put. Yes, yes... lemme ponder them. It is true that the great writers have evoked moods. Still, I wonder if they've ever captured the color, sounds, and aromas? What is it that conveys a sense of place? Your comparison of poetry and worked images is insightful.

(PNF) Yes... yes... cute is the word. He really does look cute. He's looking so brave, so confident. Cute is the perfect word.

(Andreas) Just as you have discovered in a number of your daily photography postings - there are times when the lighting is perfect for very limited work. I sensed that with the right exposure I could spotlight Rocco against the setting sun. I also felt I could bring out the glow of that golden old decaying pathway. The real question was whether my Canon would hold sublle details in the shadows on either side. That's something you never know until you bring it onto the Photoshop stage.

I cannot imagine a film which would have allowed me to work in this range of exposure. We really are working with tools that will define an almost revolutionary art form. It is like saddling a monster stallion. The real question is who among us has the talent to control the beast?