Saturday, September 15

Water Colorists

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Last night, the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society opened a juried show at the Lancaster Museum of Art. Simultaneoulsy they presented awards to the best in show. The magnificient exhibition will run for the next couple of weeks. Go out of your way to see it... the thing rocks.

And it left me wondering about my ability to capture the illusive misty quality of watercolor. Many of the pieces on exhibit are summer renderings, I guess because the artists have more time outdoors during those months. So I decided to try a minature combining a guy I captured last Sunday at Wheels, Wheels, Wheels with a street scene from Fort Lauderdale I took in 2005. Somehow they go together for me as an essence of summer.

Summer colors sear, so much so that they actually mute one another. I know that's a contradiction, but a mid-day summer palette is so brilliant that it seems to spill together, I guess because we squint to capture it in our memories. That's what I'm after here, a misty watercolor memory... Hmmm... there's a nice line, wonder if it'd fit into a song?

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pnfphotography said...

I also like the watercolor look of muted colors together... I must give it a try.